What are Holistic Therapies?

As an holistic centre, we aim to support people; this means we treat people, not illnesses. This means our focus is on you as a person, not on a list of medical conditions. If you are living with a health condition, it means we work alongside medical care to help you cope with your illness; by treating you holistically we aim to help improve your quality of life and comfort.


Which Therapy Should I Choose?                                                                          

We believe you are more than capable of choosing which therapy would be best for you. If you’re unsure or undecided, speak to us and we may be able to offer a combination session or recommend which may be more beneficial for your situation. 

None of the therapies available claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. Only doctors can provide a diagnosis and if you have any health concerns you should visit your GP for advice. Complementary therapies should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.  

Therapies Available

The appointment time given ensures you do not have to rush your session and includes time for consultations, getting dressed/undressed and any aftercare advice. It is not the overall time of the therapy, as we appreciate you have a busy schedule and need to know how long you are likely to be at the centre. 

For more information about what to expect during a session or for more information about a therapy, please visit Louise’s dedicated therapy website, louise-morgan.co.uk 


Aromatherapy Massage                     £26 (half hour)                                       £48 (hour)

A gentle relaxing massage. This includes a bespoke aromatherapy blend which is produced after a consultation with you. For a half hour massage there can be a focus on a particular area, eg: back, neck and shoulders or legs or stomach. For an hour massage you can experience a relaxing massage on the back, legs, arms, neck, head and face which can be adapted according to your preference.

Appointment Time – First session approximately 1 1/2 hours, subsequent sessions will be either 1/2 hour or 1 hour depending on the content

Therapist – Louise 

Aromatology/Clinical Aromatherapy          £26 each half hour  (first session £48 lasts approx 1 1/2hours)     

This is an intensive application of essential oils for a short time before moving to a clinical aromatherapy approach to manage a problem. There are additional costs for suppositories, pessaries, capsules or additional blends, but these are discussed before anything is made. The session may or may not include some massage or an application of oils to an area, depending on what your concern is.

Appointment Time – 1/2 hour or 1 hour. When booking you will be advised of the consultation time for your first appointment

Therapist – Louise 

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage or Legs Massage                  £26

This is a massage on a specific problematic area such as back, neck and shoulders or legs. The massage takes place using a base carrier oil (ie no essential oils) or using a pre-blended aromatherapy massage oil

Appointment Time – 30 mins 

Therapist – Louise 

Holistic Massage           £26 (half hour)                                   £48 (hour)

Holistic massage incorporates different techniques from Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue to provide a deeper massage that can be beneficial for any specific problem areas. It is possible to receive an hour session on one particular area, eg back, neck and shoulders, or receive a full body covering the back, legs, stomach, arms, neck and head. 

Appointment Time – 1 hour. Please allow 1 1/4 hours for your first appointment

Therapist – Louise

Hot Stone Massage                            £50 (carrier oil)             £52 (with essential oils)            

This is an holistic massage which also includes the use of hot basalt stones. The stones are used for some of the massage techniques and the heat results in a deeper massage. For this massage you can choose either a base oil (no essential oils) or a bespoke aromatherapy blend.

Appointment Time – 1 hour. Please allow 1 1/4 hour for your first appointment (no bespoke blend) or 1 1/2 hour if choosing an aromatherapy blend, as it will include a free health consultation. 

Therapist – Louise

Indian Head Massage                       £26 (half hour)                                       £40 (hour)   

A traditional Indian Head Massage takes place fully clothed while sat in a chair. It covers a massage on the back, arms, hands, neck, head and face before a chakra balance; oil can be used on the head if requested. An adapted Indian Head Massage can take place by removing your top and the therapist using oil on your upper back, neck and shoulders. 

Appointment Time – 1/2 hour or 1 hour 

Therapist – Louise, Jane

Reflexology                                                                                £40   

Reflexology takes place on the feet, it begins with a massage before pressing reflexes which correspond to parts of your body. The session ends with a final massage, using an aromatherapy blended cream to moisturise your feet.

Appointment Time – 1 hour 

Therapist – Louise

Reiki                        £26 (half hour)                                      £40 (hour)         

Reiki is a Japanese therapy which takes place fully clothed. It is a vibrational therapy and the therapist places their hands on or above you to encourage relaxation and promote well-being. This therapy is designed to encourage your body to balance itself.

Appointment Time – 1/2 hour or 1 hour 

Therapist – Louise, Jane

Thermal Auricular Therapy                                                         £45

Previously known as ear candling, this is a relaxing session which involves your ears. While lying sideways on a couch, a ear candle with essential oils inside is placed gently inside your ear and burned to a marked level.  The process is then repeated on your other ear. 

Appointment Time – 60 minutes. 

Therapist – Jane